Pregnant belly button – Removing it should not be a problem for you.

Pregnant belly buttonThere are so many moms all over the world that have belly buttons on their bellies, specifically their navels. This is why it is no longer people are surprised about. However, is it normal or right to see piercings and pregnancies going together, especially in the navel? This is where pregnant belly button issues come in. There are so many people who invest much time, effort and money into having their body art on point and most times, the pregnancies come as a mistake. So, what happens in such cases? Can a belly button be kept when you have realized you are pregnant and the baby is coming out for sure? This is always a challenge and the feeling of having to take out the piercing to make sure the child is not harmed is mostly what comes to mind first which is a good way to think. When such thoughts come to mind, the belly button removal method to choose is the next in line.

Pregnant bell button options for you

There are some ways you can have your pregnant belly button still kept even all through the 9 months time of pregnancy. That doesn’t mean it is safe. You should rather opt for having this done with. Read on:

  1. If your piercing has fully healed, then you can have it kept and have no worries whatsoever.
  2. If you are someone who is clean and can completely take care of it, it is fine.
  3. Pregnancy belly button is not something that cannot be handled if you are comfortable having it.
  4. In some cases of pregnant women, doctors strictly disallow piercings or belly buttons to be there and that should be obeyed.
  5. Keeping the button or removing it depends more on your safety levels as your belly grows, what your doctor says or recommends and also how comfortable you feel.

Belly button during pregnancy removal

There are some people who do not even give belly button during pregnancy a chance to succeed. This is because they feel it is completely dangerous and they also feel they have better alternatives. When pregnant, you should do everything you can to prevent newer piercings, because they will just not work and that is just how it goes. For your own good, make sure you consult your doctor when you see black stuff in belly button. The medical term for skin tag is acrochordon and the medical term for belly button is the umbilicus. Most times, this black stuff is dirt. If you clear I have a belly button issue, speak with your doctor.